About Us

About the Project

The Women’s Sports Safety Initiative is dedicated to advancing the lives of women and girls by raising awareness of sports-related injuries. The Initiative serves to strengthen efforts to protect female athletes from preventable injuries, particularly concussions, and to ensure that they can actively participate in organized sports without sacrificing their health and safety. The Initiative will inspire more gender-based concussion research at the federal level, create more women centered education and raise awareness about the health consequences of head injuries. The Initiative will educate families, schools, policy-makers and communities about concussion safety, and work with health care professionals to raise awareness about the health consequences of head injuries, about treatment and care.

The Women’s Sports Safety Initiative is a special project fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Silicon Valley Community Foundation advances innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems. As the largest community foundation in the world, Silicon Valley Community Foundation engages donors and corporations from Silicon Valley, across the country and around the globe to make the region and world better for all. Their passion for helping people and organizations achieve their philanthropic dreams has created a global philanthropic enterprise committed to the belief that possibilities start here.