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Concussion Symposium in Pittsburgh: A Positive Step, But Should Go Further

In 2016, the Pittsburgh Steelers, of the National Football League, did a great service to youth athletes by sponsoring a concussion education symposium. Thanks to the team’s generous sponsorship, the symposium was completely free of charge for middle school and high school athletic trainers, coaches, and administrators. The program was mainly focused on football injuries […]

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Know the Risks! Scientific Research Produces Surprising Findings About Concussions

When a boy asks his parents if he can try out for the school football team, his parents know that along with the fun comes some real risks. Everybody knows that football players get injured. And the potential for a serious head injury is obvious—there’s a reason football players wear helmets, after all.  But the […]

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Let Medical Experts Make Critical Medical Decisions

A recent editorial in USA Today highlights the danger of a bill introduced in the North Carolina state legislature. House Bill 116 includes a provision that would overturn existing North Carolina law that requires that children be cleared by a licensed medical professional before returning to play in organized athletics after having experienced a concussion. […]

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New Study on Concussions in Teenage Athletes Shows Great Promise

An exciting new medical study that has great potential for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of concussions in teenage athletes was just announced. The study is a joint effort of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and has an ambitious 5-year plan. Researchers will examine in great detail the physical […]

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